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About Us

Our Mission We connect our Hudson Valley community affected by cancer with the support they need

Hudson Valley Cancer is the region’s only independent oncology resource organization to assist patients regardless of cancer diagnosis, income level or treatment center. We strive to make the cancer journey easier to bear by connecting our community living with and affected by cancer to resources, services, programs, and organizations on a national, state, regional and local level.

OUR HISTORY Meet our Founder, Casey MacDonald

Hudson Valley Cancer was created by Casey MacDonald in 2013 after her own successful battle with lymphoma to make the cancer journey easier for patients in the nine-county area of the Hudson Valley. This was her response to the overriding belief that finding resources and services to maintain quality of life while fighting cancer should not be hard or time consuming.

When Casey was diagnosed with cancer, she was a wife and mother of toddlers. At the time, there were no organizations or support services for young adults with cancer and community support for young spouses of a cancer patient was non-existent. Several years following her diagnosis, seven family members were diagnosed with 10 different cancers.

Because she experienced first-hand the difficulties faced by her own family members, as well as friends and neighbors, she created Hudson Valley Cancer. Today, Hudson Valley Cancer is the region’s only independent cancer resource center connecting cancer patients, survivors and healthcare professionals to vital resources and services necessary after a cancer diagnosis.