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Join the Hudson Valley Cancer Crew with your school, grade, classroom, sports team, or club to make a huge impact on the lives of families affected by cancer in the Hudson Valley.

The Hudson Valley Cancer Crew are local students who join their spirit of generosity together with the goal of making the cancer journey easier for patients and their families in the Hudson Valley. Fundraising efforts by the HV Cancer Crew support Hudson Valley cancer patients and families experiencing financial distress after their cancer diagnosis.

Benefits of being a HV Cancer Crew member include:

  • Certificate for each Official Hudson Valley Cancer Crew Member
  • Recognition of School Hudson Valley Cancer Crew Membership
  • Opportunity to be selected as the Hudson Valley Cancer Crew Leader of the Month among all schools in the region. Each Cancer Crew Club is invited to attend the HV Cancer Crew end of school party to celebrate and socialize with the HVC team and other Crew members.
  • Crew Impact Report – Each Cancer Crew Club will be presented with the report of how your fundraising efforts made a difference in the lives of cancer patients in the Hudson Valley.
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To get started, fill out our application form below or contact our fundraising team at